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Our Services




Integrate payment collection facilities into your platform

Hanley Payments’ digital payment solution seamlessly integrates into your platform so your customers can offer their customers a one-stop payment solution via bank transfer, debit or credit card or direct debit.
Real time feeds allow your customers to create automated workflows because there is no need for them to log into their bank account
to check or download statements.
And customers experience a superior service because all interactions take place on a single platform.



Integrate payout facilities into your platform

Our digital payout solution streamlines the accounts payable function and brings more of your customers’ business onto your platform.
It’s ideal for payroll, customer refunds and payouts and supplier payments. Payments can be made into an unlimited number
of accounts, automatically, seamlessly and with full traceability.
This makes life easier for your customers because more of their business happens on a single platform. And it delivers an enhanced experience to their payees because all their interactions are recorded in a single place.



Integrate an embedded chat system into your platform

Via our partners at IMImobile you can add value to your CRM system with integrated two-way chat facilities via email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM and webchat.
It makes your customers’ lives easier because they can engage with their customers in real time and all their communications are recorded on their CRM system.

Their customers enjoy an enhanced experience because they can communicate using the method that works for them in a single place.


White label digital payment and communication solutions that add instant value to your platform

Hanley Payments’ tools incorporate the latest digital payment security protocols such as....

It means you can integrate our solutions with complete
confidence, safe in the knowledge you’re delivering the best-in-class in all respects.

Our senior management team has experience spanning the card payment (acquiring and issuing) and payment service provider sectors and includes the developer of the official prepaid card solution for the London 2012 Olympics.
Our digital team has built platforms that now process over
a billion pounds a year for large corporations in the insurance, housing associations and utility sectors.

Together, we are driven to deliver value-added digital payment and communication tools that give software solution providers an immediate competitive edge.